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Saturday, January 7, 2012

A sunny day

A sunny day makes everything better.  My walk this morning seems easier,  The outlook I carry a little more hopeful.  There is excitement in the house as the kids anticipate a day in the backyard.  I sit here by the window, typing-happy.  Sunshine!

January can be an incredibly gloomy month, but the warmth and sunshine we are experiencing here in St. Louis is making the News Years Resolutions just a little more attainable!    I am thankful for that as I dust this ol' blog off and make new promises to write more, read more, take more time for me.  The sunshine makes it easier to sit by this window and concentrate on what I could possibly have to say after 4 months of NOT writing.  I may not have many people missing my ramblings, but I realize, I miss it, and that is all that counts!  I write for me.  When I opened my blog page this morning I realized my last entry was when I was sitting in Addis Ababa's Airport in September.  It made me smile as I read about that trip with Kim Koogler and Pat Bradley.  Writing helps us learn about ourselves- as we reflect back we have a perspective about our life that we may have missed if it went undocumented.  

I shared a short teaching last Thursday to our action group/ something I Read on Piper's blog-"things I learned from my father."  The insights were so obvious and simple, yet so profound.  Following is one of my favorites.

The right road always leads to the right place; therefore, get on the right road and go as far as you can on it.

This spoke to me-and now I am making it part of my New Years resolution!  Stay on the right road-stay where God has called me to, don't deviate because this person or that person doesn't agree.  It may be uncomfortable at times, difficult even, but stay there-It will lead to the right place-eventually.   Piper also said this-"Son, keep your room clean where you are, and in God's time, the door to the next room will open."  Today's sunshine will fade, I am sure St. Louis will get gloomy again, but all I have to do is make the best of everyday, sunny or not, staying on the right road/ and the sun will come again.

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