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Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? Mary Oliver

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Great Day!

“Be Faithful in the small things, for therein lies your strength.” ~ Mother Teresa
We want to show people their life has meaning and purpose.  Life should not be wasted in trivial pursuits, although these pursuits can bring dimension and fill the hours of the day, in the end they leave us only hungry for more.  It is only when we engage in God’s purpose that we are satisfied.

The more we help people the more I  realize that the volunteer needs just as much help.  Our mission statement, encouraging individuals to put their faith into action takes on a new life, when you show people how.  Before heading downtown today to serve in a homeless camp, I spoke to the volunteers.  I asked the team (Westminster's Varsity girls Basketball team) to leave their phones behind as well as their pre-conceived ideas and put themselves in another's shoes.  They were awesome!  They interacted, laughed, and served whole heartedly.  I realized, kids have it right.  They don't judge or try too hard to figure it out-but accept things at face value.  When we got in the car to head back to West County one of the girls, Brittany,  said, "Mrs. Stipo, that was awesome, thanks so much, I wish we would have done that earlier in the season."  I do are few photos from today-

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