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Friday, June 10, 2011

-What do I want my epitaph to say?

This is the continuation of my last two entries- I decided to begin with a series I could write about that included a little focus, a little philosophy.  Summer is here-in full swing, along with heat, earthquakes, tornadoes, and cicadas.  Even the snakes have come out to play-along with their reptile friend, the large snapping turtle:  see below:
Emma and Luke found this in the street in front of our house

So-what better time for quiet reflection on life and some pretty hefty subjects such as dreams of the future, my greatest passion, and my death??  Yes, the question, "What do I want my epitaph to say" ultimately means I am thinking about my demise, doesn't it?  How morbid- well, maybe the photo of my cute kids enjoying the summer fun with our local wildlife will lighten the subject a little.

I would like my epitaph to say something as follows:  Terri was passionate for The Lord, and people, she cared about the oppressed, the hungry, and the hurting.  She loved her kids and her husband passionately and was willing to fight on their behalf.  She was a woman that cared about others and was outspoken.  She took risks and when she was knocked down got back up.  She never quit believing God for great things for her life and the ones she loved.

Okay- I wonder what others might say about me?  It would probably be very different-but you know what?  I think we all need to think big.  We should strive for greater things, able to put our mistakes behind us and believe that God can change us,  and make us into all He intended us to be.  It is HIM, after all,  that designed us and He will continue to perfect what He created-in His time!  That is something I will continue to believe for all of us!  What do you want your epitaph to say?


Anonymous said...

hey terri,
hope you all are doing well in st. louis! wondered if you had any suggestions for getting our daughters involved here in mt brook, alabama. i am going to read through 'half the sky' with caroline (sadie's age) this coming year with the hope that i will be able to both broaden their understanding of the oppression in the world as well as give them a passion to affect change. any ideas or things you have done with your girls would be appreciated. love what you are doing. thanks.
jorja white

terri stipanovich said...


Yes, always a challenge to "teach" our kids passion for others. I try and take my kids with me to various homeless camps-no better way to make an impact than seeing, smelling, and touching! We also make and sell bracelets that help our efforts practically. We have homeless women making these bracelets we sell for $10, helping to employ them. Sadie and Hannah sell them at their schools-they are made from soda tab's. I believe in DOING- it seems like in school and church they hear so much but something great happens when we put our faith into action and teach others to do the same. If your interested in selling bracelets together to raise funds for the girls in Ethiopia, I would be glad to send you a few as an example? Let me know! Half the Sky is a great book! Great to hear from you! terri 314-560-5802