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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How much passion do I experience in my daily life?

I heard this recently-there are various pathways to God...Here they are:

  • Intellectual
  • service
  • relational
  • activist
  • contemplative
  • naturalist
I hope I remembered all from the sermon on Sunday because this practical teaching on how we feel closest to God helped me immensely!  I know that I struggle at times feeling passion for my faith.  There are times I am going through the motion of prayer and experiencing little passion about it.    So, the question in the heading of this post is a great question for all of us.   If we love art, but never create or visit an art museum, we may feel drab and dull.  We may be experiencing depression or lack of excitement about life primarily because we are neglecting things we love.  I also believe we should look to a career rooted in a passion we possess.  

I feel the most alive in nature.  I feel the closest to God in nature as well.  My prayers flow when I am walking in my favorite park.  Last summer I took my girls on a 12 day road trip to Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho.  It was an amazing, reflective time.  I remember the sights and the worship coming from deep within me as I marveled at God's majesty-reflected in His creation!  So-I am determined to get out in creation this summer.  I will reignite my passion for God by quiet reflection and prayer by spending time marveling at His handiwork.  Below are a few colors and images I love and help me to experience passion for life!

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