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Monday, September 5, 2011

Departing thoughts

Here we sit, In Addis Ababa airport.  I am eager to get on US soil, see my kids, eat some american food, and hug my sweet husband.  I look forward to rules, clean restrooms, hot showers, and fast internet.  Our time here has been productive but Kim and I both agree, ready to get home.

We enjoyed the day today at Mercy Chapel/Vocational Center with a few girls in the training program.  They smile, hug us, and tell us they love us.  I am moved again by their smile and the light in their eyes.  How can a girl that has been brutally abused be so thankful?  It humbles me in so many ways, making me aware of the power of God to bring hope and restoration to the most hopeless cases.  I enjoy watching them hard at work in their trade, knowing the courage it takes for them to believe there is a better life ahead for them, away from pimps and the red light.   And what do I desire?  To encourage and cheer them on in their journey back from express to them that God sees their pain, knows exactly what they have been through and sends messengers to spur them on.  I thank HIM that I could be a part of another's journey and that He uses the broken to bring His message of redemption and hope.

Semira/ using her creative talent to make Jewelry 
A Mercy chapel Graduate, now manages the vocational training.

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