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Monday, December 20, 2010

The Wonder of a Few

I read something recently that hit me, "the churches in America have grown wide, not deep."  I have to say, if we measure our success by numbers, that statement is most likely true.  What makes worship sacred, is it the masses?  Is it because we are sitting with 100's, even thousands, raising out voices together..or is there more?

 As Christmas draws near, i am reminded of a small worship service of a King, the baby Jesus.   Think about the manger with a few animals and a few shepherds come to worship, and then imagine the night sky with angels proclaiming the good news, a Savior has been born.  Did it matter that the worship consisted of only a few?   That small group must have felt a weight to what they witnessed, it must have felt sacred, because it was.  Wouldn't it have been wonderful to be chosen to be one of the first to worship at His feet? I wonder if they understood what they were witnessing?  They must have, God was there, in that manger,  and it certainly did not matter that the service only consisted of a few, but it had a depth of wonder that I would love to catch even a glimpse of this Christmas!    I pause, listen, pray, and ask God to show me the wonder of His presence- and then I thank Him that He has blessed me with the priveledge of having that prayer answered, not because I deserve it, only because now I am the child, coming to the King.

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