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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I woke up this morning and saw snow!  It almost feels like a miracle when it snows on Christmas, fulfilling those magical daydreams we all have about twinkle lights, presents under the tree, family close by, and of course, a blanket of snow out our window!

This Christmas I can't help daydreaming about other images, though.  Abandoned buildings with cold people living there, trying to scrap a life together with what others discard.   The names of the people I have met in homeless camps flash through my mind, making me feel sad that they do not have family close by, with presents, a tree, and the snow is only a burden for them.   I realize through seeing anothers suffering, that our hope is not here, in this world.  We have suffering here, we strive, we hurt, we fall short.  NO matter how great things are-we yearn for more, we strive, we yearn.  The suffering I see-in Ethiopia, in downtown St. Louis, reminds me, this is not the real world.  The real world is heaven, where Jesus already promised He would wipe EVERY tear from our eyes.  There will be no scraping to get by there-it will be perfect abundance in everyway.

So..rememeber that this Christmas!  Enjoy what we have here, but do not forget, there is more.  The yearning is God given, a way to remind us we were made for more!  Thank You Father,  for sending your son Jesus, to be born of a woman, coming down from heaven, to bring the world hope for more!

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