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Monday, August 9, 2010


What do you think when you see the miraculous?  Do you discount it as imagination, fantasy, exageration?

 I was sitting in church yesterday, listening to traveling evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, very aware that I was witnessing the miraculous.  His sermon began with an amazing video about his work in Africa.  This video showed revivals he preached with hundreds of thousands won to Christ in one meeting.  He spoke in simple words but they held power.  I enjoyed listening to stories of the miraculous, and found myself caught up in the pictures he painted of a foreign land with thousands of people praising an unseen God.  I asked myself, "How can so many be moved so dramatically?"  There is only one answer..The Holy Spirit!

On a small scale I have felt this, seen it with my own eyes.  When I was in Ethiopia I was amazed at the hunger people felt for God.  It seemed wherever you turned you could almost hear a whisper..Jesus. Yes, they have very little, yet they believe.  They praise the name of Jesus, giving Him thanks for what He has provided, sharing their hope with Him, knowing He sees them, knows their pain, and is answering them in the unseen realm.  God may choose to be "unseen" yet He is seen everywhere-evidence of His existance is all around, especially during great suffering.  Yes, there is great suffering in Africa, but isn't it wonderful to know God sees, he feels their pain and He sends people such as Reinhard Bonnke to answer that pain.  He sends relief groups such as International Crisis Aid to answer their physical hunger, their desease, and ultimately spiritual revival.  I love getting to see this excitement,  to be with people who have so little yet believe God for much.