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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Partnering With Great Women of Faith

I met Melissa two years ago in a bible study in Kirkwood.   Melissa and her husband, Wayne moved here with their two beautiful daughters from Crescent City, CA.  Wayne received a promotion from Edward Jones Co., and that is what brought them to St. Louis,  from a quaint little coastal town in Northern California.  

The adjustment was difficult for Melissa and her girls.  They had so many wonderful friends back home, along with a supportive church, horses, and a ministry Melissa was involved in, Body and Soul, teaching fitness classes to women.   Melissa knew it was in God's perfect timing and will that they move to St. Louis and had perfect peace knowing her family was in His will but the move still had it's difficulties and adjustments.    She missed her friends, family, and church.  Living in a small town for so long made the big city seem overwhelming.  This is about the time I met Melissa, during that adjustment period. 

A short time after meeting Melissa I had started a summer bible study, studying the book of James.  Melissa joined our small group, and God knit our hearts together quickly.  I felt comfortable sharing the vision God had given me with Melissa, to SHOW women how to put their Faith Into Action.  We began talking, sharing..she had the same vision, with a different focus.  Melssa told me about a great product that she intended to get involved with, Arbonne.  God had given Melissa a desire to fund ministries helping women.  

Faith that Works held a Christmas Bazaar last year and Melissa was our first committed vendor of this event.  I was on a mission to help girls enslaved in the horrors of sex trafficking and Melissa was immediatley on board with her new business to help fund this effort.   It grew into a perfect partnership.

As I said, Melissa struggled with the move to St. Louis.  But,  what impresses me with women like Melissa is,  she did not close the shades in her home, turn on the TV, and hibernate, feeling sorry for herself..she took action!  Melissa had a desire to meet women, to continue being an advocate of health, and to make a difference in the world around her.  She found a way to do this, Her Arbonne business.  Arbonne has great products that promote health, including a hormone cream that is all natural, helping women with their changing hormones as they age.  I love these products!  

Melissa found a way to fight off the depresssion and anxiety she felt in this big life change, she gave out to others.  She is an example of a verse that is near and dear to my own life..

Luke 6:38
"Give and it shall be given to you, pressed down, shaken together, running over, into your lap.  By Your standard of giving it shall be given unto you." 

That has happened for Melissa.  Of course she still misses Crescent City,  but she has adjusted like a champ!  She and her husband Wayne have replaced rodeos for golf at St. Albans, which Wayne has secretly told me, Melissa is a natural born golfer, with a great swing.  She has made new friends, while being involved with her kids lives in their new schools..but above all, she never lost her desire to serve God, bringing glory to Him through the gifts He has given her.  

I encourage you to BUY this product from Melissa, not only for your own health benefits, but also for the benefit of the hurting girls here and in Ethiopia..100% of her profits!  That is amazing, we all Benefit from women such as Melissa!  

Contact Melissa Roberts on facebook to order her great product or go to