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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Three Special Girls

This summer Faith that Works hosted a "young women's" study.  We were pleased to have Debbie Holley teach a study she has written,  Peace of Mind or a Mind in Pieces?

We had a great group of 20-30 young women, along with a few of us "older" women.  I am not sure why that title upset my friends???? the end of the summer we announced we would be taking a team to Ethiopia in January to work at a community center we sponsor, Mercy Chapel.   This Center sits in the heart of the Red Light District of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  We opened the trip to all in our group.  Two months later, we have a wonderful group of 14 brave souls.  We are anticipating a faith building, relationship bonding trip!  Back to three special girls..the reason for this post!

Out of the 20 or so young women that attended our summer study, three of those girls have decided to take a leap of faith and travel with our group.  These girls could not be more different, yet all three have the same help the oppressed, to use the gifts and talents God has given them to help another.  Kaitlyn plays the guitar, and has a beautiful voice..she will help lead our worship.  Mary is all about relatonship.  She wants to be mentored, learning and growing from the experience of older women.  Mary also is already involved in a ministry, discipling high school girls.  Mary has had Africa on her heart since she was five years old.  Then there is Christin.  Christin is an Artist.. She will be teaching some of the girls from the Red Light district how to make jewlrey, which they can sell in the market.  We pray by bringing girls this age, it will help us to break barriers to the girls we so desire to minster to, those living in poverty and desperation, with no way out of their life of forced prostitution.

These three special girls need funding.  We know God will provide but want to put it out there to all of you..if God is tugging on your heart in these posts about Ethiopia and sex trafficking, we ask that you consider making a donation for this mission.  I know we can all do something to fight this evil, some go, some send.  God has shown me, a girl is a girl is a girl..and these girls need our love, they need Christ, and they need safety!  No amount you give is too small, the money needs to be turned in by Oct. 1st. Please partner with us and send a check to:

Faith that Works (a non-profit 501(c)(3) you will receive a tax deductible receipt)
14 Ridgecreek Road
St. Louis, MO 63141

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