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Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? Mary Oliver

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


What if I quit thinking, and started doing?  What if my actions were at least equal to my thoughts?  More importantly, what if my prayers were more than both?  What would my life look like?  Take this morning for instance..

Woke up at 6:15/ sat in a chair for at least 20 minutes, thinking.  What was I thinking about?  Well, things like, I am going to be so busy today, should I go into the kitchen and get coffee, should I wake the kids, should I get my bible off of that table over there and read?  I tried to pray, but my "thinking" was getting in the way.  After 20 minutes of this, I decided to get up, get a cup of coffee and try and focus on something slighltly productive.  I did end up reading my bible with a cup of coffee in my hand, but the prayers were fragmented at best..but God knows my heart, this is comforting.

I am learning that action is great, but the stillness of prayer is even greater.  In truth, stillness before the Lord is putting our faith into action.  I love the study we are doing on Tuesday morning, "discerning the voice of God."  Everytime I pick up the book to read a chapter, it speaks to me, draws me in with the idea that God is speaking to do I listen?  I want to listen better, I desire to hear my marching orders each morning and then go out and DO What I heard from God that day.  Here is one tip from Priscilla:

Find a verse in scripture that speaks to you today and meditate on that one verse or verses.  Read it outloud, over and over, pray the verse, talk to God about the verse, and wait.  Listen, what does God want to say to you today?

This is not thinking, this is doing!  It is Active listening, producing results in your life!  Try it, don't just sit on the chair, like me, thinking!

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