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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I have heard a few comments out there in the Facebook world that women say, "I love Thanksgiving, it is my favorite holiday." One woman even made the comment that she considers this holiday the real Christmas..before the craziness begins in December. Why do we feel that way?

I think it is because Thanksgiving is about being thankful! God's word exhorts us over and over TO BE THANKFUL! Something must happen when we are thankful. When i think of thanksgiving I think of all the family getting together, baking, cooking, and we have a big football game. Last year I made a highlite video of Christmas' past and we laughed at all the kids and their past antics. As I look back it seems that Thanksgiving is a time to stop and be thankful no matter what tradgedy has hit your life, spending time with family to celebrate what you do have.

When I think of Christmas, I can't help it, I think of presents. It was the way I was brought up. What do I want for Christmas?? The whole holiday centered around the Sears catalogue where I circled for months what I wanted for Christmas! So, no matter how hard I try, I can't seem to shake the present thing. In my mind, in this culture anyway, Thanksgiving is about being Thankful, and Christmas is about receiving presents!

I won't even start on the whole "Making Jesus the center of Christmas." That's anohter Blog entirely. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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