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Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? Mary Oliver

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring is Here

The Faith that Works Spring Event has come and gone..we are excited to report that it was a blessing to all that attended.  Some of our attendees are now drinking a strange drink called Kefir, some have a new Chiropractor, and others went home with new healthy recipes to try on their families.  All of us were encouraged by Amy Marxkors to take up the challenge of walking or running-thanks Amy,  for allowing us to believe getting healthy is obtainable and that it is a journey!

Our vendors were a blessing as well, beautiful items were sold, while benefitting hurting young women here and abroad. 

Sunday was the Half Marathon!  Faith that Works was represented by six runners, all running at a different pace.  I (Terri) ran/walked the thirteen miles and had the privilege of seeing two of our team members on the route.  It was exhilarating to see 17,000+ running in downtown St. Louis.  I was reminded while running of our wonderful event on Saturday, the day before,  and how each of us strive to be better everyday.  There is something in the human spirit that strives forward-always trying to improve life's conditions. I suppose this is a good thing, I know I want to improve my marriage, my relationships with friends and family, I desire to be a better mother, healthier, more spiritual, a better cook, smarter, and I would also like to work on my hair style- there has got to be a better look out there for me!   Wow- I'm tired, just thinking about all the ways I need to better myself.  

But, really, what is the most important thing?  Is it our health?  Probably our spiritual life?  Maybe our Kids?  No- it is none of these, actually.  I believe, the reason we yearn for something better is because we were not made for this world.  We were made for another world, a perfect world, paradise.  So, not that it is wrong to better oneself, but as long as we remember that it is not the end all.  The desire to get better is good as long as it is balanced with the knowledge that the best is yet to come, that we will never find perfection here, but it awaits us in heaven!