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Monday, April 4, 2011

A Monday Morning

 This morning I woke a little late-unable to process all that I had to accomplish in one hour.  The bed needs to be made, shower, papers and checks to sign for the kids, breakfast, hair to comb for my little guy, shoes to tie, carpool to drive, and of course the dogs need to be fed and walked.  I found myself in the middle of this rush getting sucked down into despair-what does all of this silly rushing, yelling, and fretting have to do with anything that is really important?  On top of it, I may have fractured a few relationships with my kids as I "corrected" them on various failings of the day.   As these mornings unfold, some go smooth, some like today, not too much, I hold on to the small accomplishments of the morning-I am dressed and ready for work-early, dinner is already slow-cooking, and all the kids arrived at school on time!  As far as the fractures go?  I am not sure..I will speak to them tonight, apologize, they have heard this story before..will they forgive me?  Yes, will we try again tomorrow for a better start, yes.

But what does it all mean?  It means that life happens in the common things..the dog getting loose and harassing the neighbors, the kids getting sick and keeping you up all night, the new outfit your 16 year old purchases,  but then tries it on and you end up in an argument with her because you think it is two sizes too small and she disagrees, the favorite show you watch together, a sunset, a thunderstorm, a phone conversation with your best friend.  Yes, life happens in the small things.  I see meaning and redemption in my morning.  Forgiveness given, problems solved, and relationships growing as we do life together, realizing each of our imperfections and giving one another grace, covering for each other in small little ways that may seem meaningless at the time but is the stuff that life is made of.

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