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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chicken Spedini..Memories

One day- a very long time ago, my cousin and best friend, Tammy visited our young family at our lake house at Table Rock Lake.  Tammy is my age, has three children, is a second grade teacher and abounds in energy.    Every summer, when we owned the lake house, Tammy would visit with her young family.  She insisted on making at least one meal during her three day stay.  She would go all out..frying, baking, and creating meals we all loved!  One of our favorites though, was her Chicken Spedini..easy and fun to make, a kid favorite as well.

Tonight, we made this meal,  and Emma and Luke, our next generation,  also loved it!  It is an old family favorite now, and I will share it with you!  Here goes....

2 Lbs. Chicken (boneless, skinless breasts)
1 White Onion
Olive Oil
Kraft Parmesan and Romano Cheese
Italian Bread Crumbs

Cube Chicken, cut onion into squares
In one bowl place Olive Oil, another Bread crumbs and Cheese
Dip Chicken in Oil, then toss in bread crumb mix
Skewer one piece of chicken, then onion, alternating...

Grill or bake the skewers, 15 minutes..turning once, be careful not to burn!  This cooks quick..

Serve with Rice and Steamed Vegi's

Family Memories are often the little things we do.. I texted our college daughters tonight, missing them over Chicken Spedini..they miss it too!  A small thing, but we shared it together.  Don't forget to have your family favorites!

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