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Sunday, October 17, 2010

MInistry Day

Yesterday was the Run for Mercy 5k.  (Mercy Ministries is a rehabilitative group home for  girls -ages 13-28 with life controlling issues such as bulemia, anorexia, self-harm, depression, and others) It turned out to be a wonderful event with gorgeous weather and 100's in attendance.  Faith that Works had a booth and we enjoyed connecting with new friends as they stopped by to learn more about us.  We also spent time with mercy graduates, and even enjoyed the running part of the day. But The best part of the day for me?

At one point, during the presentation, I looked out from my booth and I could see my husband, a few of my children, and a number of friends.  I also spotted a couple of young girls who have graduated from Mercy's program that Faith that Works has mentored and helped practically.  It felt good, seeing so many I love pulled together for a worthy cause.  For me, it is about relationship.  Seeing women putting their faith into action-what a great sight to see.  I love to watch women find their gift, and then use it to help others.  My friends get excited learning new and interesting things about ministry, themselves, and others.  Some have the gift of Mercy, others teaching.  How cool for us to pull together and use all of our gifts to make an impact on a hurting world.

After the run, we headed down to tent town.  A group of us ministered to the homeless on the river front in downtown St. Louis, MO.  We took sleeping bags, water, a little food, and clothing to our friends there.  We are attempting to build a relationship with the residents of tent town and figure a way that we can help them.  But again, I see God changing us- as we reach out to others.  I see specific gifts in people coming to the forefront and when they do,  learning about who they are and what they were made to do.  God made us to work as one body-not indepently of one another, using our specific gifts and talents to bring glory to HIM.    I slept with a smile last night as I dreamt about that!

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