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Monday, July 26, 2010

On the road

This is the first entry in my travel journey.  We have arrived in Boulder, CO.  We drove 8 hours from St. Louis to Hays, Kansas and stopped at a Best Western to sleep.  I found the drive quick and painless, with sadie driving 3 out of the 8 hours.  The only panic I felt was when we could not find the Starbucks that we had located on our Starbucks app.  We finally located it inside a Target, and then I could relax.  At that point we had just pulled away from Kansas City and I could not imagine the plains of Kansas without a hot cup of coffee in my hand.

Okay-so about those plains in Kansas.  I kept thinking about the movie The Wizard of Oz and how a movie could make even a place like this famous!  But really, it was beautiful, in it's own way.  We enjoyed watching the sun go down as we drove west.  The sky looked pink,  streaked with white fluffly clouds. We also took photos of the giant windmills, standing alone in tall green grass..Hannah especially liked that.  Sadie enjoyed seeing plateau's, Emma was just content, knowing we were stopping at a Hotel soon.  At 9:30 PM we stopped in Hays, and fell asleep pretty quick-no TV!

Today we jumped out of bed as early as we could, getting back on the road, anxious to get to the Colorado Rockies. we are in Boulder.  We are staying in a historic hotel, with an okay view of the mountains.  It is realxing time, before we head out to Pearl Street to experience the sights of this quaint, little mountain town.   This is the beginning, many adventures ahead!

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