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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Matthew study- what we learned.

This past year has been an amazing journey for our Tuesday morning bible study.  We were continually amazed by Jesus-all through the book of Matthew.  Here are a few impressions:

We saw how a geneology is more than a list of relatives.  Imbedded in Matthew Chapter 1 is a story of redemption..look up the meaning in the names of Jesus relations!

We then entered the amazing birth of Christ along with the amazing way prophecy was fulfilled on that day through a few humble servants of God.  John the Baptist then comes on the scene, preparing the way for Jesus' ministry.

When Jesus ministry begins it amazed me once again at His radical words, the miracles He performed, the love He showed to prostitutes, tax collectors, liers, and thiefs.  Jesus loved children, He loved His flawed disciples, We were amazed, once again by Him.  One of our lessons was entitled, "Be Amazed."

I could go on and on about what we learned but I will sum it up in two points:

Be amazed by our Lord and Believe Him.  Matthew shows us just how amazing Jesus is, He is trustworthy, righteous, true, full of love, grace.  He sees us, He knows our pain, He cares about every detail of our life, He yearns for intimacy with us, He interceded on our behalf.  We were amazed!

Beyond the text we studied, our group learned other things as well.  Some found out their spiritual gift for the first time, others shared their testimony for the first time.  We grew together, we learned about each others weaknesses, and strengths.  We encouraged each other and cried together.   Life is amazing when you take the risk to be honest, to step out and trust, to be known and to know.   We also grew in other areas as well- learning to put our faith into action, using the gifts God has given us to bring Him glory!

We ran a 5k together, hosted a Christmas Bazaar that raised 20,000 for a worthy cause, we poured into young women's lives, wrapped presents, gathered food for the hungry, provided vases for flowers for the lonely, helped send girls to the mission field, provided supplies for a mission trip, helped with a high school retreat, hosted a Etiquette dinner, what a blessing!  Thanks For the Blessings!


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