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Monday, April 26, 2010

enjoying the book of Matthew

Tomorrow is our second to last bible study in the book of Matthew.  It has been a long year, studying this gospel account and I have found myself loving Jesus even more than ever.  It is amazing to me the things he spoke, the people he healed, the type of people He touched.  Jesus breaks all barriers, reaches out to the unlovable, and puts the wicked in their place.

Yes, Jesus dies in the end, delivered up into the hands of evil men with evil intention.  But the great news is found in the last chapter, chapter 28.  In this chapter we read the miraculous account of His resurrection-again Jesus breaking all barriers-showing His true deity.  I have loved this book of the bible and found hope in Jesus one again, and I have found what I need to keep pressing on in this life to a bigger meaning, a life focused just a little more on the miraculous and a little less on the mundane.  Thank You to all that have been on this journey in matthew!

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