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Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year-New Thoughts

Yesterday I arrived back home from Atlanta where I attended Passion 2010. Passion 2010 is a conference for college students founded by Louis Gilglio. All through the conference I heard stirring messages given by great speakers about the next generation and the impact they would have on the world. Of course, the messages had great themes other than just that, but the end always came back to the encouragement to the kids to be the generation to bring about change. I loved every topic and every speaker but I had this little sadness during the four days of the conference and wondered about it. I realized on the last day what it was that made me a little generation was never mentioned. It almost seemed to be implied that my generation had somehow dropped the ball and now it was up to these kids to make things right. The generation that these kids have grown up in has been some of the most prosperous days in history, they have enjoyed every material benefit you can think of. They are educated, and priveledged beyond what I ever experienced. But they have also experienced more divorce, more immorality, luke-warmness in the church, and selfishness than ever in history. Now it is up to them to bring the church back to what is really important. How sad for us!!! Is that our legacy? Is our legacy, we made alot of money, had great homes and cars, and were in incredible shape?? I have been wondering these thoughts in regard to my own family for some time.

This is why I founded Faith that Works, it is why I teach bible study, and engage in helping other ministries raise money..I want to leave a legacy for the next generation, we made a difference. I want to leave a legacy of being sold out for Christ, for caring and loving the needy, and being passionate about justice. I desire for my kids to see me putting my faith into action everyday. I believe in my generation. I think there is still time, plenty of it, for a redeeming of the time wasted. I look out there with hope, seeing potential and believing change is on it's way! The 18-25 year olds are not the only ones that can have passion and conviction, let's show them what we can do!!

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