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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009..

So many changes in such little time. I know that sounds so cliche...but it has been true in the Stipanovich household. Tonight, New Years Eve, I sit here with my husband doing absolutley nothing, watching old re-runs while the kids are either sleeping or out with friends and I wonder what another year will bring??

This last year was full of hardship, struggle, but lots of laughs! We almost sold our home-for nine months, we watched our oldest daughter, Katie struggle with her decision of transfering colleges. We cried with Kelli as she grew more and more homesick, questioning her life decisions. We watched Sadie and Hannah grow up in more ways than we can keep up with. Emma lost 6 teeth, Luke lost his first, just today. Luke started school, marking my first year with all the kids in school full-time in 20 years. Steve started a new job, I started many new jobs and quit a few! I founded Faith that Works, a certain highlite for me! We made new friends, reconnected with old friends and watched our life take on a whole new dimension. God grew us more in this past year, than many previous years put together. We are amazed at how different EVERYTHING is but so thankful for each other, our faith, and the Hope that we possess in Christ-our 2009 lesson, when all us fails you, you only cling to Jesus all the more! I treasure that lesson, God has been faithful, and we praise HIM!

We Ring In The New Year with HOPE and Thankfullness!


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