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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hello Sun!!

Yesterday it reached a whopping 40 degrees and I was celebrating! I even rode in the car at one point with my windows down. I know I write about weather alot, maybe too much, but it really effects me. I have often wondered why???I don't know, but it just does. Yesterday my friend Rene was commenting on how so many elderly people live in Florida in the winter and she seemed to be fantasizing about doing it herself, and I laughed at her.."are you getting old, or something, Rene?"

But seriously, what is it we yearn for? Why do want the sun to shine and the temperature to be mild? Why do we yearn for spring when we are in the dead of winter. What is it about the deadness of winter and the lack of light during this season that seems to speak of death or gloom? During the winter, we gain weight, stay indoors, watch too much TV (at least I do). I ask myself, what is it, that takes the wind out of my sails in the winter? These questions may seem redundant, a little obvious, but I believe the yearning is more than just wanting a little sunshine.

In the Lion, the witch, and the wardobe we see how C.S. Lewis depicts is a curse, everyone sleeps under the evil witches spell even though Lucy says this, " Winter's not all bad. There's ice skating...and snowball fights...and oh! Christmas!
Mr. Tumnus: Not here. Here it's always winter, never Christmas. It's been a long winter. After that, we see the curse begins to break, the ice begins to melt, the creatures of the forest begin plotting to take over the witch, and the sun shines again, hope is rising, victory is in sight.

So, I suppose I am not the only one that feels like winter is a curse. Yes, Lucy is right, there are snowball fights, ice skating, and Christmas but over-all, I will take the bright sunshine with everything alive and blooming, and the animals out of their hiding. For me? It triggers thoughts of God, the hope He gives us, the forshadowing of something better to come. I remind myself today..winter will pass, spring and summer will come and personally the "winters" of my life will fade as well, the sun will come out..Hope is believing that good is right around the corner. It amazes me how God uses ordinary things like the seasons, to teach us extraodinary truths.

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