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Friday, December 4, 2009

Yesterday's Bazaar: Shop for a Cause

We have not tallied everything, so I can't share numbers but when I say success, I mean we were blessed with the Lord's presence the whole day. We had approx. 15 volunteers along with 200-250 shoppers. I wish we had counted the ladies as they poured through the house all day. Some Ladies/and a few men, gave so generously to International Crisis Aid and the effort to open a home for these young girls that I was completely floored. All along I "felt" God's hand in all of this, I was stepping way out of my comfort zone, and asking so many people to come along-side and give of their time that when the night before the event came, I could not sleep. I laid in bed and wondered, "what if it is a major flop?" After laying there for a while, worrying, I got up, walked through the house looking at all the vendor's tables set up so nice, and I prayed. I poured out my heart to God, voicing my fears to Him. As I did that, I realized again, it was His idea for this ministry, this event, why was I taking responsibility for it? The outcome is not my concern..the process is.

This is the process: Surrender, asking God to use you, be available, and pray for exactly what He wants you to do. Then, when that opportunity comes, jump. Go out in full confidence in the Lord, Knowing this is what He chose for you to do.

So this is where He has Faith that Works, partnering with ICA to see girls lives saved and transformed. Thank You to all of you that brought us closer to that goal yesterday! I am fully confident of success, because God is taking care of the outcome.

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