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Friday, December 11, 2009

Fun with the Kids

In the midst of a busy life, isn't it a blessing to take time to enjoy the ones you love? I love hanging out with my family. We are loud, we interrupt each other, we laugh, and argue. When all the kids are home, there is never a dull moment. Sometimes I get frustrated with the chaos, ask my kids..but then when I sit alone, with all of them away, either at college, or just in school down the street, I know I love the chaos. I love watching the interatction between the six of them, they really love each other, even though they fight! They each have an enthusiasm for life in a different way.

This morning Hannah, our 13 year old was talking about a Disney sitcom where the kids placed a bet that the mom could not yell for 24 hours. Hannah was laughing, saying, "yep, I bet you couldn't do that, not yell for 24 hours, mom." I replied, "what, I could do that, easy." In the next 5 minutes I was "yelling" for everyone to eat, get dressed, get out the door for school and Hannah laughed, "you are yelling." I laughed with her, kidding her, "that wasn't yelling, I was encouraging you to get ready." We both knew, it was yelling! Oh well, family life isn't perfect. I have learned, admit your mistakes quickly, keep a sense of humor, and try and have special moments with your kids..moments that count, moments they will remember when they are far away. They will forget the mistakes, they will remember your love, and how you expressed it in the little things. My girls? They talk about family dinners, drives in the country, cooking together, baking Christmas cookies, the simple ice skating at Forest Park..enjoy your family, steal away and celebrate each other.

By the way: I am saying this to myself!!!!
A few snapshots of our crazy Kids:




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