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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bazaar Results

The first Faith that Works Bazaar results are in! I hate to share a number because it doesn't do justice to what really happened at this event. Okay- I will share the number, but first let me tell you other results:

20 volunteers
22 vendors
5 men parking, moving furniture, stacking chairs, putting up lights
The Deves and Stipanovich Children Hearing about this event for weeks, and being put to work when needed.
Hours of emails, phone calls, and meetings
98 donated ornaments
50 donated items
advocacy and awareness for child sex trafficking

Okay- getting the picture?
The results? New friendships, lessons learned, a new ministry emerges, and lives are touched deeply and profoundly.

Financial results? Almost $20,000..

I think of the young girls caught up in the horrific nightmare of sex trafficking and it's not enough. I wish for more, I strive for more. I wish these girls did not have to spend one more night in the hands of their abusers, so I pray, God, what next? I pray for more soldiers for the army it will take to overcome this evil. I don't doubt, we will overcome! We must, for the girls that need us. If you want to be a part of this movement of women/ and a few good men..start praying, ask God what He would have you do. Then join us and we will show you specifically how you can help be a champion for the children that need us.

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