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Monday, December 21, 2009

Cheesy Christmas Shows

Today we baked all day long-I mean all day. I started around 9 a.m. and sat down about 6p.m. We had my wonderful neighbor friend, Linda Rosen here along with her sweet girls, and of course, my sweet girls, even Luke got in the fray..he can really decorate! I will be cleaning up red sprinkles forever. Holly and Courtney stopped by and had a chance to put their hands in some chocolate and icing as well. I don't know what it is about cookies, I am determined every year to put out at least 5 different kinds. Last year I tried to get out of it and you would think My two college daughters would die!! There was no way they would let me break with tradition. These are the same two kids that moaned during High School because of these same traditions. Wow, how times change.

One thing that doesn't change year to year, are the crazy Christmas specials. I have been laying in bed all night, hungover from cookie dough and I have had the rare opportunity to watch "regular" TV. WOW, how stupid can things get? You have CSI from every state, how grim and depressing..suicide, kidnapping, murder, child abuse, how depressing can you get? Then I turn on the "feel" good channels and I was shocked at the cheesy Christmas movies. We have White Christmas, Christmas in Vegas, Christmas around the world, Frosty's Christmas, you get the picture. These shows are crazy..there may be a slight conflict in the show, but we know EVERYTHING will be perfect before the hour is up. It is amazing how easy conflict is settled so fast on TV at Christmas time! I am rambling, Like I said, hungover from cookie dough! Merry Christmas To all and Goodnight..I am delirious with snipits from my TV watching, TV DOES make us dumber>>Did I even spell that right????

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