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Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Morning

This morning I took a walk with a dear friend and neighbor. I am always touched by nature..I love the seasons. I somehow feel more at peace when I have spent time in the country or just outside. I love the simple beauty of God's creation.

This week in our matthew study we will be reading and discussing chapter 7. The part of this chapter that uses anologies from nature is found in verses 15-27. We see fruit, trees, fire, wolves, figs, thistles, rock, storms, rain, streams, winds, and maybe some I missed. I have been reading this chapter over and over, trying something different; not going to the commentaries, just reading, contemplating, and wondering what Jesus is saying here. Before tomorrow, I encourage all of you to read, and do the same thing. I have said before: I want this study to be led by THE HOLY SPIRIT..I feel this is what He is saying to me this, pray, contemplate, pray some more, and write. So that is what we will do tomorrow..bring paper and pen and as I teach tomorrow, you will write any words or phrases that stick out ot you, including questions. Most of the teaching will be simply reading through the chapter. Get ready to share questions and comments!

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