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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Moments from Matthew

Here is the challenge from the teaching of matthew Chapter 2 this week, questions included

One thing I want to end with that struck me as a most important application- the
obedience of a few humble people. God spoke to the magi, Joseph, and Mary. Imagine
these few humble, obedient servants in this story. They were alone, they heard a
message given to them in their dreams, by angels, and even by a star. It is so important
to listen to the message that God is broadcasting to us. He speaks to us in a still small
voice, sometimes in a dream, or another person, but He does not stop there...He backs
it up with His he did in this story. Yes an angel told Mary she would have a
child, but scripture revealed that the savior would be born of a virgin long before that
angel ever appeared to her. The star the magi observed in the sky was also foretold in
the OT. And on and on... God speaks to us, and our job? LISTEN, Check the word,
making sure we heard correctly, then act...OBEY. Obey just like the Magi, and become
a part of a wonderful and beautiful story, partnering with the all mighty God of the
universe in bringing good news to the whole world. My challenge for us today? Listen,
check the word, and obey. Donʼt delay, and you will be blessed by being a partner to
the awesome workings of an Awesome God, who is doing amazing things, despite how
satan tries to destroy-Godʼs plan will prevail!

Revelation 22:16 “I Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the
churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.”

Questions For Matthew Chapter 2
1. The Magi, the evil king Herod, a carpenter and his wife, poverty, travel, a star, and
shepherds. Were any of these accidental? How many of these factors were
intentionally used by God?
2. What interests you? How do you hope that God will use that? Could you
possibly grow your interest in a way that would give you a ministry or outreach to a
certain group of people? Has God used something in your life already that initially
seemed common or insignificant?
3. Have you ever felt like God was doing something great in your life but the enemy
was attempting to come against you in some way?
4. Do you live your life today like you believe Godʼs ultimate story is good, and his will
is going to be accomplished in your life? Be honest, and challenge yourself (and each
other) by asking why not? How can this chapter of Matthew speak to our doubts?
Revelation 22:16 “I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the
churches. I am the root and the OFFSPRING of DAVID, and the bright and morning star.”

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