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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Another Sseko Party

Another gathering of women this week! Our 2nd Sseko party was smaller than the first but equally encouraging! It was absolutely wonderful to hear Liz Forkin, founder of Sseko Designs, and her vision of helping other young women. We listened to her story about the conditions in Uganda and how Sseko Designs is attempting to help these conditions and in particular young women desiring to better themselves through University education.

I was struck once again, how simple it is to help another person. We often think we are too busy, that we do not have the resources (money) but when you gather a GROUP of women together and pool your resources, it is amazing what becomes possible. What do I mean?

For starters, we have forged new friendships! The women from the faith that works bible studies are getting to KNOW one another! We are bonding as we work together to help struggling young women locally and abroad. We are developing knowledge of what is happening in our sister's lives and brain-storming on how we can help. We are also realizing we can help, we DO have something to offer! Our worth is not in how we look, what we drive, or where we live! We have hearts, hearts that God wants to use to help others, bringing encouragement and hope to those that may not have heard about this hope. Defeat? I do not entertain the idea, because I know the hope that lies in me, and I KNOW God wants me to extend that to others.

The last three chapters in Matthew:
We talked about Using what is in your hand, what interests you, and, your voice in our, that is what we aim to do, use all that The Lord has given us, and use them to help and encourage other women, young and old!

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