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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Ok, what is a blog for? Today it is going to be a place where I can post my complaints! It doesn't appear anyone is listening around this house so maybe someone out there will give me a witness!

Summer and kids. I have five girls. They all have lot's of wonderful friends whom I love. Some of these friends have issues, some have very loud voices, and some are just rude (including my own, I might add). I try and act like a cheerful hostess but there are times when I daydream about the days of my childhood summers...I wasn't allowed to bring people into the house, my mom was cleaning, or cooking, or just busy. I did not think it was odd that I was forced to be outside, because that is where my friends were! I actually preferred it!

Let me just say, times are different. No matter how hard I struggle for quiet, it just never happens! There is music and laughter, computers, cell phones. They stay up late, people stop by. I thought it was great back in June, but now we are almost at the point of school starting and I have to admit, I can't wait! (guiltily)

As I reflect on the difference of my childhood summers and my children's, I realize some things are better now, but much of it isn't! There is an indulgence in our society with our children. I see mom's walking around exhausted, trailing behind their kids, trying to keep up, trying to give them everything. I see the kids with their hands out, expecting so much but not wanting to work for it- not understanding sacrifice. I struggle to find the balance in all of it, to know when I should say no. I want my girls to learn to give back, to be kind, and hard-working. I wonder, is select sports, private school, and an over-scheduled social life the best way to teach that to them? I doubt it!! So, what is the solution? I always come back to this as a parent, lead by example. Give hilariously, work hard, set boundries ( don't spoil), and require hard work from them, say no, make them wait for certain things, allow them to be bored, Love them like crazy, love their friends, but stay strong! Don't act weak with them, as if their little life is the most important thing in the universe, it definitely IS NOT!!

Okay-my complaining is are a few photos of special moments with these crazy kids!




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