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Saturday, July 18, 2009


The college girls are off again! We had one whole week this summer when all of the kids were living under one roof. This is what we did: had constant company, made lot's of meals, went to silky's, and starbucks. We stayed up late, got up early, drank more coffee! We fought alot, then talked it out. I laughed so hard watching all 6 of them fight, interupt each other, steal each other's clothes, and change for gas. What is it like raising five girls? Messy, noisy, emotional, draining, and so fun! I love the fullness, dimension, and laughter each of them give my life. When they were all little-and life was simpler, we would sit in the family room and they would put on "shows" for Steve and I. I remember Katie and Kelli dancing to Whitney Houston (I'll have to find that tape), and making us laugh-well they are still up to their old tricks! Here is a video of their last act, they are going to kill me! Although, the two oldest are in Europe and at Kanakuk, so how will they even know?? This is in French, I haven't a clue what the lyrics say.

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