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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sacred Things

As a child I learned to pledge to the flag and pray to the Lord. I was not raised in a Christian home but I learned these 2 things very young. I cannot remember not knowing the pledge of allegiance to the Flag or The Lord's prayer, they have always been with me. I also remember only 5 TV stations, drinking tea and koolaid because it was cheap, running in the sprinkler, playing board games for entertainment, and respecting ALL of my elders.

Have times changed? Do I sound old? I guess the answer to both of those questions is a definite YES! Last night our Pastor spoke to a large group of kids at ZOE ( our churches youth group) and went through a short history lesson of our independence and our country's faith roots, and when those began changing. He spoke to about 100 kids about the days when he was a kid and how they prayed in public school, and tried to explain that abortion was illegal back then. He gave the dates when certain laws were passed and those sacred things changed. It made me sad, looking down on those kids from the loft above and realizing how drastically different they are growing up.

As I contemplated these things on the way home last night, I realized we must continue telling our children how great this country is, appreciate it , never taking it for granted. We (their parents) must continue to hope and fight for the next generation of americans-teaching them honor and values. It is not old fashioned to say the pledge of allegiance or to pray a written prayer, some things are sacred and need to be remembered.

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