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Saturday, May 30, 2009

What am I doing Up so Late!!

I want to be sleeping right now but it is one of those strange nights when I think I am actually too tired to sleep. Today was a great day, beautiful weather, a great party-celebrating another graduate, and sweet moments at home with Steve and the kids.

Right now though, I feel troubled. I am not sure why. There just seems to be times in my life as a mother when I am alerted to something, as if something is not right. Usually when this happens, I can't sleep, I pray, think, write, finally go to sleep and about two days later the penny drops and I realize what was nagging me! I have found it so important not to jump to any conclusions, just wait. Wait on what? Wait on the Lord! I find more and more that when I stop trying to figure it out, God just shows me things..important things, things a mom needs to know. So, right now I am waiting. I pray for the kids, my husband, and rest in the knowledge that God is holding them tight, and with that said- I say goodnight.

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