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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another country Road, summer Study

I am looking forward to the summer bible study I am leading at my church...This last year has been a difficult journey with lot's of prayers of "tears." I talked to God like I never have before, it started last July. I was driving another country road, rocking out to my ipod. The sun was beginning to come up and there was fog everywhere. I was in the ozark mountains (again) and as i listened to the words to the song, it went something like this, 'I know your there, I know you see me, your the air I breathe, you are the ground beneath me." I began to weep, uncontrollably and had to pull over. As I sat in my car on the side of the mountain with the sun rays coming through the fog I realized something BIG. I didn't really believe what i was singing, sure I am a Christian, I love Jesus but do I really believe HE is the ground beneath me? Do I really KNOW He IS WITH ME!!!? Is HE all the way, completely, totally, the air I breathe...Do I live my life like I believe that 100%? That day I started asking God to reveal himself in a whole new way to me. It is amazing how He has proven himself over and over again in the midst of my trials this past year. I can honestly say now, "HE is the ground beneath me." That is my hope for this study, that we would all be able to say that with confidence. I look forward to sharing my journey with others, hopefully encouraging them to reach for a dynamic relationship with God, that is real, and available to us all!

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