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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Little bit at a time..

In 2011 Faith that Works adopted a quote that came from mother Teresa, "Do small things with great faith for therein lies your strength."  It seems that after a year of writing this quote and repeating it to others, it has become an integral part of me.  It applies to all aspects of life in my opinion.    Let me expound~

Cleaning-Everyone knows that if you take the trash out of your car each time you park it at home, and wipe up the spills as they happen, your car remains pretty decent.  It is only when you put off those things that a car can get to the point of needing a two hour overhaul.  Who wants to do that?  By doing a little bit each day, you maintain a spotless car!

My son's reading-At the beginning of first grade Luke was having trouble.  His teachers insisted he  read 5 minutes per night, not two hours only on the weekends.  His teachers were right, his last progress report tells us he is an excellent reader, no longer struggling in class with this subject.  By doing a little bit each day, my son will be a poet someday, I just know it!

Exercise-A little bit everyday, this works.  It is known that 30 minutes everyday is better than that occasional 2 hour workout once per week.  So, I figure my new daily thirty minute workouts will lead me right back into those too tight clothes very soon!

This brings me to ministry..I promise, it all is coming together.    After three years of doing small things in a most consistent way, I have seen results.  Relationships are one example.  There is a certain awkwardness in beginning a relationship with a person that you may not have tons in common with.  But, I promise if you are faithful, that relationship will build and you will have a true treasure-maybe a homeless friend, a friend from a foreign land, a very young friend, or very old friend, it could be just someone from another neighborhood or someone very poor or rich.  Stick with it, be faithful, listen, do small acts of kindness, make sure you are consistent and you will be blessed by the many different kinds of friends you find yourself with.   Again-10 minutes per week is better than a full day once every 6 months.  Small things-

Because we are American-we think big.  We tend to think this way in ministry as well.  Bigger buildings, louder music, more people-this is success, God really moving.   We forget that most of Jesus' ministry happened in the midst of 12.   When Mother Teresa said, "Do small things with great faith for therin lies your strength."  I believe she is saying, don't forget the little things, don't pass over something small, because it is small.  Often times we picture this amazing event with tons of people and when 4 show up, it can be discouraging-why?  Because we weigh success by size.  Thinking big isn't sinful in itself, but missing the little is.  When we are so busy thinking of this MAJOR work we want to see God doing, but miss the hurting single mom, missing her pain, missing the opportunity to come alongside her and help her because we are so busy dreaming of the big stuff, this is wrong.   My most precious moments in ministry have been in the small stuff.  God has done big things in those small moments.  I have often heard pastors talk about when the church was small, the relationships rich, and how they miss it.  Let's not miss the small stuff today, seize the small moments and make the most of those little blessings God brings your way today.

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