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Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? Mary Oliver

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Using our gifts

Faith that Works began with the mission statement, "encouraging women to put their faith into action."  We continue in that, and it is not always easy.  Here in the US, we have so many distractions- even our large homes can distract us from our true calling and purpose as we have to upkeep so many rooms, sprawling yards, pools, large garages with various items to organize and arrange.   Our large homes is just one of our distractions.  What about entertainment?  There are so many great movies, books, sports, and television shows to keep up with.  We spend money and time on season tickets to watch our favorite team, cable, dish, and media packages to keep up with it all!  Then there are the beautiful children some of us have living under our roof.  Yes, the sports, dance, academics, birthdays, camps, art, school, gymnastics, friends, and so on.  If you work a 40 hour a week job, spend two hours per evening watching your favorite team or show, workout 1 hour per day, attend little Susie's game, and have dinner out socially once per week-not to mention cleaning your home and rearranging that floral arrangement that just looks stale-what is left?  Be honest- count it up.  I haven't even included shopping for more stuff, nail appts, hair appt.'s, or vacations!  What is left?  What does God get?  This is what we are up against as a ministry-we compete with the American dream.  We want it all-financial security, beauty, successful children, the perfect home, and we want "down time/me time."  Where does The one who created it all come into play?  What message do we send our kids?  Look around-and you will see it in our teens life- the message they are hearing-it is all about them, because it is.  The American life has veered from fighting for things that are near and dear to us-God, Country, and Family (in that order)  to personal happiness and fulfillment.  It's all about us.

You do not have to be wealthy to own this attitude.  I get to raise 5 daughters, lucky me.  But guess what- The oldest is 22, and the youngest is 8.  I see this pervasive selfishness everyday, in ministry and through my kids.  In our home we stress community, not the individual.  We try and express to our kids-"It's not about you."  The culture they are growing up in tells them something different.  I believe this puts and incredible pressure on our kids- to think their parents are so overly concerned about their happiness.  The definition of happiness is now being defined as things and activities, personal fulfillment, not purpose and caring for what God cares for.    I could write so much more about that- but I will stick to my point-if I ever had one!

What is our main goal for our life and the ones we love?  I am reading a book that challenges it's readers to ask themselves a few questions- and I'll end with this..hoping to come back and write more about it soon!

-What is my deepest dream?
-How much passion do I experience in my daily life?
-What do I want my epitaph to say?
-How much am I growing these days?
-How often do I take risks that require a power greater than my own?
-If I had to name the "one true thing" that I believe I was set on earth to do, what would it be?
-How clear is it to me?

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