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Thursday, June 23, 2011

One true thing

If I had to name "one true thing" that I believe I was set on this earth to do, what would it be?

This seems a little bit personal to make public.  I know what it is in my heart but saying it out loud feels strange so I'll keep this more about how you find that "one true thing."

I began with trying new things.  I worked a few jobs that forced me out of my home and comfort-the place where my role as mom and wife was clearly defined and I knew my place-as did everyone else.  The jobs I tried quickly revealed things to me, both weaknesses and strengths I had.  Right around this time, I took a spiritual gifts test which clarified things even further.  In the work place, others began validating things I suspected about myself but had never had an opportunity to test.  I had failures.  I wondered, wrestled, and prayed, always knowing I had a specific call upon my life, determined to find what that call was.

So..maybe this isn't a ten step program I  am suggesting  that you can apply if you haven't found your "one true thing" but I suggest you take the time to do what I did  and try a few things.

Volunteer, see what you especially feel drawn to.  If you fail at something, realize YOU didn't fail, it just wasn't the right fit for you, keep searching.

Read- this one is big.  Reading opens another world to you.  Read great books- biographies and history and take note of your response to specific details in the books you read-what appeals to you the most?

Friends-make a new friend.  Have you had the same friends since Kindergarten? Meet new people, stay open to different kinds of friends, break out of the mold you have cast for yourself on this one, you may learn something.  My world is opened up by the time I spend in the city with my homeless friends, it challenges my lack of gratitude for my life, among other areas as well.

Reflection:  This is good, but can also be overdone.  Have you heard the saying "paralysis by analysis?"  I am not suggesting that sort of OVER- reflection.  Most of you are probably busy moms so you probably don't struggle with that.    Take your journal to a park, be still, listen, and write down random thoughts that come to your mind.  Pray, ask God to show you who you really are, and what He designed specifically for you to do.  Think of your childhood and what you enjoyed the most about school.  If you have children, observe them at play- you can learn amazing truths about life, and yourself while watching your kids.

Submit:  I believe many of us are frustrated because we are trying to be something we are not.  Submit to your true calling, you will find peace.  I have learned my true calling from applying these four exercises-while bathing all of it in deep prayer and meditation.   I also had to let go of some things I desired to find my true calling.  There were disappointments when I realized my limitations,  and I had to put certain dreams to rest.  Understanding my weaknesses makes me stronger to do what I am called to do.  So many times I have tried to FORCE something and it ended up a mess.  So now, I continue to make a statement that helps me remember my limitations- Be faithful to the process and let God bring the results.  God spoke this to me almost three years ago when I founded Faith that Works and it has seen me through many battles.  Take the time today to wonder about this-"what is your one true thing."

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Plays with Purpose said...

So insightful, Terri. I find myself in this place once again, to reflect, renew, and even wrote in my journal, "where is my place?". I know God has that perfect place and it is not in my own strength that I will find it. It is in my weakness and SUBMISSION to his will if I will only rest at his feet and breath in his truth. Thank you for being so "real" about your struggles and triumphs, insights and gains. You continue to be an encouragement to me. Praying for God's continuing blessings on your life.