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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Surviving or Thriving?

I am currently enjoying a book, "The Survivors Club."  This book tells harrowing stories of miraculous tales of survival.  As I read, I imagine myself in the plane crash, on the Bike the Mac Truck hits, or on the Ship that sinks.  What would I do?  Would I panic?  Give up?  Lose Hope?  Fight to save myself while watching others parish?  What would I do?  Following is a write up on this book, see what you think-

In tough times, who bounces back and who doesn’t? Who overcomes adversity and who gives up? And perhaps most important: What do survivors and thrivers know about beating the odds that the rest of us don’t? These are the questions that award-winning journalist Ben Sherwood explores in The Survivors Club from Grand Central Publishing.
In search of answers, Ben immersed himself in the world of surviving and thriving.
Tom Brokaw hails The Survivors Club for giving voice to “what we all wonder: Do I have what it takes to survive? The riveting answers are all here. Mehmet Oz, MD, believes The Survivors Club captures “the wisdom of people who improbably survived the abyss...?

I recommend this book!  There are many spiritual principals you will find in this read, such as why a man survived a plane crash because of his basic unselfish character.  Or-another man survives freezing to death in cold waters because he never lost hope and stayed in the moment.  There is also a story in the beginning pages about an elderly woman who survived a puncture to her heart and survived because of a sense of humor and positive attitude!  

Paul says this, "7I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith; 

I am curious about people-what makes some say, "yes I can," never losing faith, and another give up?  This book sheds light on that question.  Read it and decide, do you have a survivor's mentality?  

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