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Saturday, March 12, 2011

What should be my Life Song

Tonight I finally had the chance to see King's Speech.  I loved the pain and the triumph in this movie.  Of course everyone enjoys the polished hero, who walks confidently, speaks with authority, and always makes the correct decisions, but the hero in this movie was none of these things.  The hero in this movie wasn't even the King in my opinion..the hero in this story was the king's friend and speech therapist, Lionel Logue.   Lionel does something incredible- he sees a very flawed and scared man, soon to be King George vi, and he instills belief in him, inspires him, directs him, and challenges him to rise up to the challenge before him.  Lionel knows Bertie (future King) can overcome and he delicately and lovingly pushes him toward greatness.

I love this!  What better legacy to have than to be a catalyst of change in another person's life.  Lionel reminded me tonight-it's not aboout me, the legacy I want to leave behind is to inspire others to greatness, to awaken the gifts inside another and show them who they really are, who God wants them to be..maybe not who they have been up until now, but who they will become.  Great movie!  Great Reminder..don't miss it.

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