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Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? Mary Oliver

Friday, July 2, 2010

News for Faith that Works

The quote, "What do you plan to do with your one, wild, and precious life" inspires me.  I look back at everything Faith that Works has accomplished this past year and I am humbled and in awe of the priveledge I have had to serve alongside so many great women in causes that bring great change.

In the movie "HOOK" Robin Williams is a stressed out, "successful" business man that has forgotton the true meaning of life.  He has neglected the ones that love him the most in his effort to reach the top.  When his children are kidnapped by Hook from his childhood home in London, Robin must regain his childlike imagination to rescue them.  He must leave his cynicism and self importance behind and become Peter Pan once again..the leader of the lost boys, and rescue his children.  As Peter begins this quest with the lost boys and tries to find his "true self," he begins realizing his life is a waste at the moment.  He has set aside his own kids to pursue money and career, basically losing his first love, his wife.  Peter begins awakening, and something of his childhood and who he used to be, a caring, daring, loving, adventurer begins to emerge.  This all leads to a quote from one of the lost boys that always touches me.  The Lost Boys are attempting to teach Peter how to use his imagination at meal time.  The Boys are having a wonderful time flicking "food" around the table and Peter just doesn't see it.  He hasn't let go, hasn't taken that leap of faith.  BUT, as he begins to "see," he  flings a spoonful of food across the table.  One of the LOst Boys says with wonder, "your doing it Peter, your doing it."  It is a precious moment in the movie where you see a lost man, full of bitterness, stress, and frustration begin to let go and risk..and as he begins to let go of control, amazing things begin to happen.

 Learning to trust and launch Faith that Works feels a little like the scene I just described from "HOOK."     I believed God gave me a vision for this organization to help women, but flinging that first spoonful is difficult.  Now that I have, others are following, catching the vision.  Relying on things unseen, and where God is leading,  is an adventure of faith.  Someone once said courage is being afraid, and doing it anyway.  That is how it has been for me, I have been afraid.  But just take a look at what can happen with a few great women and taking that fear captive!

  • Raised $3,000 revenue for Sseko sandals at two home parties and donating 40 pairs of Sseko sandals to 40 Mercy girls, currently living at the group home which rehabilitates girls with life controlling issues.  
  • Visits to the Mercy Home in Fenton, MO
  • Placed three Mercy graduates in the home of a Faith that Works volunteer
  • Raised $3500 for Mercy Ministries 5k run with 15 participants
  • donated $1,000 to ZOE ministries, helping girls director to take 30 girls on a retreat to Branson.
  • Practical help for this trip:  Food,  Music CD’s designed by our volunteers
  Bible study:  Teaching, mentoring, and discipleship of women 22-75 years of age.  Two studies each week, as we reach out to include more women in our community.   We teach women how to recognize their individual gifts and how to put those into action.
  • Involved in advocacy and awareness against Child sex trafficking.
  • Raised $20,000 for International Crisis Aid during a Faith that Works event, SHOP FOR A CAUSE.  (this was a Christmas Bazaar with 22 vendors, 50 donated items, 98 donated ornaments, and 20 volunteers from our Faith that Works bible study.
  • Sponsor Mercy Chapel in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  This community Center helps girls in forced prostitution through practical life skills training, bible study,  and offering practical help
  • Prepared and Hosted a Etiquette dinner for 20 young women, teaching practical life skills.
  • Provided support for five young women going on missions: India, Costa Rica, Australia, and Belize
  • Young women bible studies this summer: 25-30 young women each week.  
  • Out ~reach events.  Breakfast with testimonies.  We exhort women to share their stories, helping others to overcome their own personal struggles.

 I may have been afraid, but I think i was more afraid of sitting on the sidelines in life and not having my life count for something.  Even with everything we have accomplished listed above,  the greatest part of this ministry is the wonderful women you grow close to.  I am amazed at the relationships forged this last year..we are living a wild and precious life, and making a difference, with a Faith that Works!

Inquire how you too can be a part of this!


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