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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Today is a new Day

I love the idea that every day is new, with no mistakes in it.  When I awake in the morning it is almost as if sleep has cleansed me of anything bad that may have happened yesterday, giving me a fresh start.

 In Ephesians 2:10 it says, "For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God equipped us in advance to do."

The word equip means, to prepare, adjust, fit, re-adjust, supply, mend, or complete.

I wonder, does God "adjust" me at night?  When I am sleeping, is He mending things in my spirit that happened the previous day?  Everyday brings specific trials,  hurts, stress, and fatigue.  So many times, I have opened my eyes in the morning with the first thought of, "thank you, a new day."  This is one of those blessings that we can miss, or take for granted.  It is such a common thing..sleep.  We come to expect it, and get angry when we don't get it.  I have heard of torture used by some countries,  where they deny the captive sleep.  We have all heard people talk about insomnia as debilitating and in many cases,  the cause of depression.  Lack of sleep can cause weight gain.  Research shows, not only weight gain,  but many other negative side effects to our health.

When I woke this morning, I felt thankful.  I immediately thought about how the last night of sleep cleansed me of a certain fatigue I had been feeling over a specific situation.  This morning it all seems right.   I reflect on how GOD makes all things right.  The situation had been offered up to Him and He brought order and peace into my life where there was confusion and chaos.  I thanked God this morning for bringing me peace.  I also realized sleep had washed away yesterday's insanity and brought new hope, new direction, and the determination to press on in a new day!  I am equipped by HIM!

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Plays with Purpose said...

Refreshed and renewed, regenerated and reinvigorated, restored and rewound......He designed us so wonderfully, didn't he? I join you in thanking God for the new day we receive each and every morning. He is so gracious. Now, if we could only be better at giving things over to the Lord while we were awake, we might be able to experience less struggle and more peace.....but God knew he would have to work on us when we were sleeping, after all, we are sinners who think we can do it all ourselves. Thank God he knows better!

"Jacob woke up from his sleep. Then he thought, "The LORD is certainly in this place. And I didn't even know it." Gen 28:16