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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

He knows

Doesn't Jesus see it all? What makes us think there is anything we suffer that goes unnoticed? Today was our Faith that Works Christmas Breakfast where 25 of us were blessed to hear testimony from two wonderful women, Marnie and Holly. They both shared (very honestly) about some of their struggles in life. They spoke of only knowing about God, and then coming to KNOW God, deeply, profoundly, and intimately... due to trials they were faced with in their lives. I sat, in awe, of their honesty, bravery, and faith as they shared about the pain they faced and how knowing GOD carried them through it all.

It always amazes me how so often we only turn to God when all else fails us. I am not saying that is what these beautiful women did but it is so like all of us, to only cry uncle when we can't stand it anymore. I wish that were different, I wish my kids could learn without the pain and heartache. We all know, most lessons come from pain..The beauty of God's love is, He never wastes our pain, He redeems the sin, the shame and the heartache and brings beauty, like we saw today. What a victory available to us all, turn our hurts over to HIM and He makes all things new, He knows.

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