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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hey Katie

All right, this is ridiculous! How long has it been since we really talked, I mean more than 2 minutes, saying hi and bye!!! I miss you! I know your busy-I'm busy, but let's get together via skype, cell phone, heck, I'll settle for some lengthy texting at this point! I admit, alot of this is my fault..I have been the busier one, I think??/ Anyway, sweet daughter of mine, how are you? Are you reading the word? Are you enjoying God's presence in your life each day? Do you see His majesty in the beauty of the season? What do you think about as you walk along Wilson Rd. on your way to class? Are you dreaming BIG dreams, wondering big thoughts? TRusting God with all of it?

I love you so much! I miss you and promise to be available tomorrow (on my birthday) to talk to you! Please forgive my busyness, and remember you are special and more dear to me than you will ever know! I just decided to say it in this blog post to declare it publicly!

Sending sweet thoughts,


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