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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tuesday Bible study

This is a short excerpt from our study on Tuesday: the 2nd half of Matthew 5 and all of chapter 6

The final exhortation is “DO NOT WORRY”
realize why we worry..
We worry because we sin, because God gave us a constitution (the Beatitudes) and we are
not following it..we sin in our hearts, and think we are okay, because we are
not “committing murder” or we are not as bad as the next guy. We do nice
things because we want others to think we are nice people. Our treasure is
in this world, our kids, our homes, our stuff and not in heaven. So, guess
what? We worry..Our feet are firmly planted in this world, not the next, so
we worry about what we may lose. Jesus is telling us very plainly in
chapter 5-6 the formula for a worry free life.
1. The beatitudes..confess your sin/ mourn for it/ yoke yourself to Christ
2. If you do this you will be the salt of the earth/ light of the world.
3. If you do this, you will also store up your treasure in heaven!
4. if you do this you will not worry!

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