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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Matthew Chapter 2

Study, study, study. I have been studying the Magi's this week. What part did these three wise men play in the birth of the savior of the world? I was amazed as I studied and kept seeing a theme in chapter 2...prophecy, and faithfulness. God's faithfulness to His prophecy actually. There are 5 or 6 prophecies fulfilled in Matthew Chapter 2..the star, the region, the day, the slaughter of hundreds of jewish baby boys. God told, through the prophets, these events would occur. Then we see men (and a woman) that have visitors, dreams, and the Magi that see a new star in the North. I am amazed at how these events culminate and bring us to the birth of Christ. God has shown how He can choose ordinary people to do extradinary things! I love it! This story shows how God is able to fulfill all that he has planned, no matter what evil king is on the throne, no matter what poverty we find ourselves in, He succeeds in His perfect plan-all the time. I heard this recently, "God is never late, never early, but right on time!" Amen!

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