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Monday, June 15, 2009

What is Beauty?

I am the mother of five beautiful daughters. My daughters all look very different. They laugh different, their smiles are similar but yet unique. They are wonderful and awesome in their own individual way. The girls in the pictures below are some of my best friend's daughters. These girls have no idea how wonderful they are-how special and unique they are. It grieves me to see our culture and what our culture values. We-as a society box in beauty. We try and give beauty a definition with guidlines and stringint rules..I detest that. Again as a mother of Five daughters I especially detest that. God's creation has texture, color, hues, and shadows, sound, light, sparkle, and dimension. Who are we to box that in? Who are we to put our own definition on something that can really never be defined by a finite mind? The bible says man looks at the outward appearance-God looks at the heart. Beauty is defined differently by God, shouldn't we try and open our minds to see what God sees?

These girls are truly beautiful, inside and out! I mourn for these girls and others that feel the pressure of a culture that misses the point completely, the world is not worthy of these true beauties!

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