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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Staying connected

I love technology. Today I received a few emails from my kids, a text from my best friend and my mom, and a phone call from my daughter who is away at camp-as a counselor. I also sent photos of a beach volleyball tournament Steve and I were watching in Laguna Beach from my phone. Isn't it great to stay connected with our loved ones? As great as all of this connection is it makes me think about how important staying connected with my Father in heaven is-even more so.

As we sat and looked at the Pacific ocean today I could not help but take most of the day in silent reflection of all that God has done for me. Today was a great day-but there have been not so great days in this past year. Through good and bad, God, my Father has been with me-ALWAYS. I have felt HIs comfort, and His encouragement, seen proof with answered prayer, heard from Him through His word, and felt His love when I remember the cross. He has been my rock, my deliverer, my shield, and my hope. It is God, not I, that has kept me in perfect peace through connection- without needing the internet, cell phone, or camera!
Enjoy a snapshot of His handy work- a reminder of Him...

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