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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Traveling Daughters

It is so strange to me to have kids who are old enough to be out there. When I say, "out there" I mean traveling. I also mean being someplace where I don't really relate to, a place where I can't picture their surroundings, the people they are with. Are they happy? Do they miss home, do they ever feel scared or worried? I am proud that they are "figuring" it out on their own, that they don't call home every hour asking what decision they should make but...somedays I yearn for the good ole' days. The days when all my children were under one roof, fighting, talking too loud, having their friends over, borrowing my makeup and my straightener( that used to make me so mad),but now when Sadie borrows it I don't even care-she too will be "out there" someday! Pray for my two oldest, Katie and Kelli if you think about it. Kelli is on a missions trip to Honduras right now, Katie just finishing her finals in columbia. They both have busy summer plans with work, kanankuk..makes me miss them just thinking about it.

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