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Thursday, May 21, 2009


Yes, everyone is home. This is so rare, all under one roof at one time. We all plan on enjoying dinner at home tonight and catching up. It is so wonderful to have the two oldest back, even though it will be brief. This makes me think back to when they were little.

I can't count the number of older women that used to stop me when my kids were all very young and say to me, "honey, enjoy these days, they go by so fast." I don't think they go by that fast, I think you are so busy that you don't take the time to really savor every little moment, so all of the memories just blur together, not really standing out as monumental. I have come to believe that happiness is in the small things, the late night talk in the dark with your oldest daughter, the missing front teeth of your six year-old (how cute is that), the wrestle time with your little boy, and the meals, laughs, and tears with all of those you love. Doesn't God gives us each moment, every breath, all of our memories? Why do we take them for granted? Why do we treat these special moments as if they will always be there?

I can attest..They won't. Little girls grow up, they become independent, make their own decisions and need you less and less. They no longer cuddle in bed with you after having a bad dream. They don't wear pigtails and get messy faces when they eat a snow cone. Little boys stop kissing you because someone might see. The moments with our loved ones pass but the memories stay with us, especially if we have savored each day as a special gift from God. If we allow HIM, He uses each of these moments to teach and grow us in numerous ways...learning to be more thankful, to love better, to be content, to be joyful.

I began writing this when Katie and Kelli were still home, a few days ago. Kelli just text messaged me to let me know she just passed Big Cedar Lodge, almost to Kanankuk. They are gone now, off to their next adventure, I miss them already. God has spoken to me on their visit home-celebrate the small things. Take time to savor my relationships, it's people after all that matter....God has taught me that through my kids. Every Moment is a gift from HIM!

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erin said...

Hi Terri! I love the shots you got at our shoot. Thanks for your thoughts about your girls. Makes me slow down and appreciate my moments with Marlie. Your sneak Peek should be up on Monday!