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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Let them be little..

The video below shows a short clip of my daughter, Emma's Kindergarten graduation. I loved watching her enjoy all the attention she was receiving on this special day. She has watched her older sisters enjoy graduations, celebrations, going away to camp, and many other monumental events. This day was her turn! She wanted EVERYONE to be there and watch her receive her little rolled up diploma. I know now that the end of kindergarten marks an end to many things precious. In first grade she will receive homework for the first time. She will grow her permanent teeth in, finally! She will begin making choices about what kind of friends she wants and what kind of clothes to wear. She is basically becoming her own person, with her own mind. I suppose that is a good thing, I wouldn't want it to be different. I just want to treasure her while she is still little. So this post is to Emma-congratulations, my little one! I love you.

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